Seriously confused over Dutch government!! More than 5 million people vaccinated already in the UK but the Netherlands government has hardly started!! Disgraceful and we now know there is no immediate urgency to get us at all out of lockdown!! Hoe long will this dreadful situation go on? Elections are coming but Premier Rutte is ahead in polls! I look at his record over 10 years plus COVID 19 handling and I am definitely not impressed!!! Really do not understand current government policy and their lack of urgency to save lives and businesses!!! Many people are suffering not only with infections and upcoming mutations but mentally!! I hope this piece gets published and we put pressure on the urgency of immunization programme for day and night work!! This is an urgent plea.


Please use Common sense and realize from history that radical lock downs never work!! Particularly with young people!!! Find Consensus and work hard to eradicate this very terrible virus with urgency and accept it will cost a lot of money!! I am scared that we are being held hostage from the big bosses Pharmetical Companies!!!! They must day and night to deliver to the Netherlands who have been very slow in their strategy!! Very disappointed in this government and very frustrated!!! I beg life gets back to normal!

Why does not the Dutch government work night and day to vaccinate us! Why does Leidan keep supplying to UK but not NL I am as UK citizen furious!!! I refuse to accept Dutch politics they are not in control! I am so very very disapointed in Rutte en De Jonge….. resignation…..-option???


Fed up with Dutch government!! 21 million people vaccinated in the UK but the Netherlands government hardly started!! Disgraceful and we now know they are in the hands of the European Union!!! Minister President must get control and not start working up fear and curfews and social media craziness! Stop think and consequences. Think logically!!!


I am absolutely exhausted. I have looked at all social media sites and explored and researched since the outbreak. What I have discovered is a huge lack of journalism. No

sharp questions to the authorities. For example how this is going to exactly last? What is our exit plan? How long must very hard working hospitalitily employees have to pay this very terrible price which I personally feel is discriminating through no fault of their own. These people are suffering and we as privelegd do nothing about it!! I have enormous respect for health employees but we have as a society to strike an absolute balance to all citizens. Please will a Common sense approach take this on board. From a very frustrated Dutch employer from 25 years. I personally need to have a perspective !!! If the politiek does not have one it is simply cruel to all citizens whatever background one comes from!


13 October 2020

I am upset!! Today it is the realization that everything my own loyal hospitality company has done over 23 years has been completely disregarded by government where we my family and my staff have faithfully paid taxes over many years. We have contributed to society in many ways and we are suddenly ignored by the academic world as menial!!! Outrageous and I will not as as a human being accept that!! Tonight I will sleep with a very heart in the Netherlands and to add to that I will not forgive the politicians and academics for lack of compassion. Shame on you all!!


The Netherlands this afternoon Sunday, 15 March 2020, announced that schools, sport schools and restaurants are to be closed because of Corona Virus. They announced this rule at 17.30 pm and we were expected to close our own personal restaurant same day at 18.00 pm. I find this unacceptable. I am constantly worried about the workings of government to respect employers and citizens and their everyday workings. I would have respected a 24 hours time allowance to prepare for such closures and to reassure our employees. I am most concerned with this radical way of government. I am getting more and more concerned how this terrible Epidemic is going to conclude. I expect from government calm and control and structure. Calm is paramount and long term leadership is essential not sudden announcements within the space of three days in the Netherlands. I am most confused.


In our capital cities all over Europe citizens are at this moment protesting about Climate change and we should as a democracy try to understand and respect this action. Urgently citizens are asking respective governments to listen to their concerns. Continually I find with all protests including my own depression over the placing of huge wind turbine farms in Drenthe & Groningen (NL) that citizens often lose the battle despite peaceful acts of demonstration. Responsible governments please listen and act accordingly and show compassion for all people’s concerns. Sometimes it shows great strength as a government to let a cause win its case and admit we might have to do it a different way.